Fed up with FIFA? Join DEFA!

Over the years, FIFA has taken football away from their fans. Commercial interests prevail and again and again decisions are taken that are not in the best interest of football or its fans. The election of Qatar as a host for the World Cup of 2022 was the saddest event in the history of football. This should never have happened. This was bad for football, bad for the players, bad for the fans and bad for our planet.
Soon it became clear that the elections were dirty, and recently evidence showed that FIFA officials received millions of dollars for their vote for Qatar. But FIFA still sticks with their choice. Also the fact that thousands of people die building the stadiums does not change this decision and the problem that it’s simply impossible to play football in Qatar during summer, will be solved by moving the tournament to the winter. As a result the global football calendars will be messed up. All highly unwanted consequences of a very bad decision, due to corrupt handling by FIFA.

Why does the entire world put up with this? How much longer do we, as football-fans, stand by and just watch FIFA do all these things that nobody wants. All these things that are bad for football?

It is time to set FIFA aside. It is time to bring football back to the fans. How? By setting up an alternative football association: the Democratic Football Association. An organisation that works in an honest, transparent and democratic manner. An organisation that will organise honest, transparent and democratic elections for World Cup hosts and that puts the sport and the fans number one. An organisation where corruption is non-existent.

That is why we will found the DEFA and start the competition with FIFA. And yes, this can be done. There are various sports that have more than one sports association, such as boxing, chess or darts. So why not football?
We can already hear people say: ‘FIFA has too much power, so how can DEFA compete with the powerfull FIFA’? Well, FIFA’s power comes from money. And FIFA’s money comes from sponsors. And sponsors are fed-up with FIFA and their corrupt way of working as well. Sponsoring a corrupt institution like FIFA can damage a company’s reputation. That’s why we strongly believe also sponsors will be willing to support an honest alternative as DEFA over a corrupt institution like FIFA.

So, do you support us, fighting FIFA? Then join DEFA!

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